High-tech improvements are happening each day in different fields of knowledge. Similar progress has been made with methods of refining human health and wellness. Massage is a proven way of relaxation, treatment and recovery since centuries has also shown advancement with a variety of tools and products introduced. Earlier, massage therapy was only linked with human touch but with the evolution of technology, products like massage chairs, cushions, tables, balls, oils etc. have been presented. So far when you look for a method that closely relates to human touch are massage chairs. In this blog we are going to discuss the differences between the traditional massage therapy vs. My First Love massage chair. 


With human massage, you need to schedule an appointment. With a massage chair, your “appointment” occurs and time – or the moment you decide to sit down and press the power button. With this level of flexibility for massage therapy, you can alleviate the time demands you face already – from work and family obligations, exercise time, and in today’s world – social media.

With My First love massage chair, regular massage becomes an integral part of the day – transforming massage therapy from a luxury into a necessity. With the burden of time alleviated, those 20 minutes in a massage chair increases the frequency of your quality time, while enhancing your quality of life by triggering the feel good hormones, keeping you relaxed, reducing pain, and helping to boost your immune system.


We’re talking the massage pressure here – not the stress-related kind, with a massage chair you are in complete control of the depth and pressure of your massage. Certainly a trained massage therapist can apply pressure and react to any feedback to create the right amount of muscular manipulation. That is why is is important to be open and honest with a massage therapist if you experience pain.

With My First Love massage chair, you “dial in” the pressure that is right for you, and with a massage chair that allows you to program your own custom massages, you can receive the pressure that is just right every time. The more you experience massage, the more you are likely to want to adjust massage pressure – as it is common to become acclimated to a deeper, stronger massage. That’s why you will like My First Love,  a massage chair that is capable of a deep, strong massage – you can always increase pressure so that the amount is right for you. Today’s premium massage chairs boast technology that has been refined for decades, and virtually replicate the massage motions of human hands for Swedish massage, Shiatsu, as well as gentle stretching you find in Thai massage. And the pressure for any of these massage styles can be customized with the press of a button, and memorized for future massages.


For many, the human touch of a massage is one of the central benefits of massage therapy. However, time spent in a massage chair is spent alone, in the privacy of your own home, and in conditions that promote the maximum relaxed state. In My First Love massage chairs, you can experience a deep, relaxing massage in virtually any attire. The only exception is shoes – as in order to enjoy the full benefits of massage chair foot rollers it is best to take off your shoes and place your feet into the footrests wearing only socks.

In conclusion 

 When comparing human massage vs. My First Love massage chair, BOTH are beneficial to the body, mind, and overall well-being. However with today’s premium massage chair, there are compelling cost, time, pressure and touch benefits to owning your own massage chair.


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