We introduced our Rent-at-Home Program to everyone and the benefits of it for all the people who might be interested to inquire to this program. Aside from that, we also revealed the qualities of our “My First Love” massage chairs one by one and one of the specs that we unveil is the “Smart Probe Technology”. So maybe you might ask yourself, what is it? And you did your own research to find out why our Rent-at-home massage had this kind of technology. Well, today let us answer all your questions you have in your mind. In this blog we are going to explain this one specific detail of our very own my first love massage chair. 

Based on our research, in general, wherein the smart probe technology is a new technology which you could have in any devices and it will make your life easier on using this technology, well the fact that technology makes our everyday life easier it’s a different story with our My First Love massage chair. RAHP (Rent-at-home Program) massage chair have a different many to choose because of the smart probe technology, you will easily can use this massage chair. For example, you want to massage more on your back, you can do that with the remote connected to the massage chair, and because of the different choices the control will be more focus on massaging your back, amazing right? In addition, while you were laying down in our massage chair (because of its space capsule seat design, which we will explain to you in our next blog so be updated) we have the bluetooth speaker in the two side of the massage chair, so you will definitely feel relaxed and peace of mind. 

The latest technology design of the My First Love Massage makes it more unique and classy. We are not yet talking about the color and total design of massage chair but because of its attractive presentation you will surely like to sit here everyday. If you are interested to our Rent-at-home program you can contact us to our official facebook page or through our website 

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