Here We Go Iloilo City!

       The City of Iloilo, which is one of the major urban centers in the Philippines. It is nicknamed “the Heart of the Philippines”.  Iloilo serves as the gateway to the regions a fast-growing city because of its popular convention and meeting destinations. Iloilo was also known for its strategic location nearby  Boracay and Palawan. The city has one of the fast-growing number of tourists in the region and because of its vibrant culture. 

Positive Living finally opened the first station in SM City Iloilo last Thursday , August 30, 2019.  Sharing the “New Revolution of Wellness” for everyone in Iloilo city. The idea of relaxation finally launched to “Heart of the Philippines”. This new step from Positive Living team will lead their way to serve our future customers and to reach out more people who wanted to experience this quality of relaxation.    

Taken a look and visit our station in lower ground of SM City Iloilo. Positive successfully made their way to the city of Iloilo. We are hoping to see you there soon! For any other inquiries and concerns you might contact us to our official website. See you there, everyone!


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