Ways To Avoid Back Pain

      Most often back pain is the result of an everyday activity done incorrectly activities as common as twisting to reach or lift an object, sitting at a computer in the same position for hours, bending over to vacuum, and carrying shopping bags. The good news is that back pain prevention isn’t all that difficult, often requiring just a few adjustments that will soon become second nature.

Limit your screen time.

For most of us, a large part of our day requires us to look at a screen of some description. Excessive screen time can cause eye damage as well as affect our posture and mood. Unfortunately, many of our leisure activities such as video games, film and TV also add to the amount of time we are passively watching a display. Avoid eating your meal while your facing in a screen. It can also help to limit your non-work screen time and don’t watch or TV in bed. It’s also effective to limit using social media and to set the timer. Try new hobbies to avoid boredom. 

Improve your work station.

Back pain can plague your workdays and free time. You’re not stuck with it, though. Examine your work environment and address situations that might aggravate your back. Even simple steps to ease back pain are steps in the right direction. To avoid back pain while you are working, pay attention to your posture and listen to your body. It’s important that you know what makes you comfortable.

Sleep the right way. 

If you’re prone to back pain, talk with your doctor about the best sleeping position. Sleeping on your side with your knees pulled up slightly toward your chest is sometimes suggested. Prefer to sleep on your back? Put one pillow under your knees and another under your lower back. Sleeping on your stomach can be especially hard on your back. If you can’t sleep any other way, place a pillow under your hips.

Back supporting exercise. 

If your back is hurting, you may think the best way to get relief is to limit exercise and rest. A day or two of rest may help, but more than that may not help the pain. Experts now know that regular physical activity can help ease inflammation and muscle tension. Exercise every other day as long as you can is one of the best tips that you can do to avoid back pain. In or out of the gym, make sure that you have simple workout everyday. 

Keep moving

If you must sit for a prolonged period, change your position often. Periodically walk around and gently stretch your muscles to relieve tension.Standing, sitting, or lying down in one place for an extended amount of time isn’t healthy for your back. Relieve the strain of the day whenever you can by getting up, walking around, and doing some simple stretches. This will help improve circulation to your back. It can also ease any strains or aches that occur due to inactivity.


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