News - Puerto Prinsesa

         Puerto Princesa is one of the beautiful tourist spot in south. It’s the most well-known place in Palawan because of its massive limestones caves and underground river. Plus, the different marine animals that you can only see in Puerto Princesa. Now, Positive living station made their way to the premier tourist destination in the Philippines to share the positive experience for everyone. 

Positive living is glad to announce the launching of the new Station in SM Puerto Princesa on Monday, July 29, 2019. Here is the most exciting event for everyone in Puerto Princesa as we try to reach out to spread the “New Revolution Wellness”. And, in the 8 years of service, we are opening new branches all over the country to share the different experiences of relaxation for everyone. For only 100 pesos you can enjoy our very own Zen Smart Massage Chairs, you don’t need to spend much and it can help you to relieve your body pain and keep the stress away.  We are looking forward to get across every person in Puerto Princesa while they were shopping and be part of their special day with their love once. Positive Living will serve you the best relaxation time that you can experience!

 This year, SM Puerto Princesa is one of the best places to enjoy the free time together with your family, friends or someone special. After shopping, you can directly visit our branch in SM Puerto Princesa to see our beautiful station and anyone is welcome to experience positive experience in Positive Living. Visit us now to SM Puerto Princesa, see you there!

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