Your Friends’ Company Can Heal You

Your friends’ company can heal you when you are in pain and trouble. When you feel that nothing goes according to your plan, your friends can be with you through your toughest times.

Friendship is more than just an acquaintance or connection with others. It is a relationship of mutual affection between people.  It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond that can even provide you with lots of health benefits.

Social connection can boost your overall health by lowering your risk of having high blood pressure and diabetes. Who knew that what might started out as your shenanigan buddies in your young wild days can extend your lifespan?

Also, Friendship can reduce your stress level if not get rid of it completely. After all, your peers can put you in a good mood and bring you into a happy disposition in life. All that crazy unstoppable laughs with them is worth it. It releases happy hormones like endorphinsdopamine and serotonin. When these neurotransmitters are triggered, you’ll feel extraordinarily hale and hearty.

Do you naturally feel good when you’re with someone dear to you? It might be because your oxytocin kicks in. Make time to bond with them and wipe away the bad vibes in your life.

When everything seems to be going wrong, you can count on your friends to pick you up and help you recover especially from rejection. They will be your support group you can lean on. Believe that your friends’ company can heal you just like massage which can decrease the Norepinephrine level, a neurotransmitter associated with depression.

Shoo the anxiety hits in an instant by hanging out with your best pals and doing your favorite hobbies or discovering new activities. Or you could just stay in and have a movie marathon and binge-eat all the junk foods you’ve been depriving yourself, at least now you have an excuse.

When you feel low, expect that your BFFs can make everything into positive light. So cheer up, honey and hit ’em up! Create memories together and let the good benefits of the precious bond unfold right before your eyes.

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