How Well Do You Know Massage?

How well do you know massage? We all know that massage is one way to de-stress and relax. But there is more to massage than that.

So when it comes to massage, are you an aficionado, a regular, or a newbie? Let’s find out when you take this quiz all about MASSAGE!

You don’t really have to put your game face on, just enjoy and learn how well do you know massage.

  1. This type of massage is the classic one and probably the most popular and in-demand type of therapeutic massage. This type of massage is performed to relieve stress hence, the light application of pressure that is less intense than  other kinds of massage.

    A. Sports Massage
    B. Swedish Massage
    C. Reflexology

  2. Julius Cesar used massage as a cure for what illness?

    A. Epilepsy

    B. Cancer

    C. Insomnia

  3. How many common massage modalities are used today?

    A. 46

    B. 20

    C. 75

  4. What is the natural body painkiller that the body releases when you receive massage?

    A. Endorphin

    B. Dopamine

    C. Serotonin

  5. How many minutes is equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep of your body when you get a massage therapy?

    A. 30 minutes

    B. 45 minutes

    C. 1 hour

  6. What country holds the Guinness Book of World Records’ longest massage chain with 1,600 participants at an event along the beach on May 16, 2014?

    A. Thailand

    B. Sweden

    C. Philippines

So, how did you fare on this quiz? Is it too easy peasy or these were bunch of puzzling Massage questions for you?

Know the correct answers below:

  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. C
  6. C

What is the score you get?

5-6 Congrats! You’re a certified Massage enthusiast!

3-4 Not bad! But you can still improve your knowledge about Massage! 

1-2 Uh-oh! Seems like you still have to work on facts about Massage. 

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