What Type of Massage is Right For You?

“What type of massage should I ask for?” First question that pops in your mind when you’re stressed and in dire need of a good massage. Yes, a massage, so head you go over a spa to treat yourself to an invigorating one.

However, if you think that getting a massage is simply like asking a glass of water at a restaurant, uhm… well, it can actually be more complicated than that.

There are a LOT of types of Massage than your usual whole body massage request. So, does it mean that more options is equivalent to harder time deciding what massage to get, right?

Before it boggle your mind, we will be guiding you about the different types of massage. Here it goes!

SWEDISH MASSAGE  or the classic massage is probably the most popular and in-demand type of therapeutic massage. This type of massage is performed to relieve stress hence, the light application of pressure that is less intense than other kinds of massage.

SPORTS MASSAGE is specifically intended for physical treatment rather than to relieve stress. Usually applied to athletes to prepare their bodies for a competition to ensure it’s in good condition. This type of massage is also used to help them recover if there are any injuries or stress incurred. But anyone who deals with injury, chronic pain, or range of motion cases can seek for the benefits brought by Sports Massage.

REFLEXOLOGY also known as the foot massage or zone therapy is a type of massage that uses various hand techniques to apply pressure on hands and feet. As what Reflexology believes, the feet is like a map where all body organs are strategically positioned. Hence, massaging a certain point can provide benefits such as improving blood circulation, eliminates toxin in the body, enhances nerve function, rejuvenates tired body, and relieves stress.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE is beneficial to those who suffers from chronic muscle tension and body aches. Usually, the massage therapists applies an extreme pressure on the focal interest of the patient. As what its name suggests, this type of massage aims to treat deep tissue problems

FULL BODY MASSAGE This type of massage is what most spa-goers prefer. With its light application of pressure to the arms, legs, back, neck, hands and, feet. If you want to relieve pain and stiffness then you might want to try this one out. Another advantage of this massage is pretty much sought after by others because of its skin benefits.

PRENATAL/ PREGNANCY MASSAGE In contrary with what many believe, massage for pregnant women is not bad at all. It can actually be helpful for them. But they should be extra cautious in getting the therapist that will perform it to them. It should be highly trained for this kind of massage procedures.

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